Selected Writings of Sheikh Uthman bin Fodiyo

The man is known as Sheikh Uthman Bin Fodiyo was born in Marata, in the land of Gobir, presently in Sokoto State in 1754 A.D. He was a child born into a family respected for their piety, religiosity, and total submission to the will of Allah. His father, Muhammadu Fodiyo (Fodiyo is used among the Fulani‟s to refer to a highly respected knowledgeable scholar) and his mother were his first teachers.

By the time he reached the age of twenty, the man that is revered as Shehu among the Hausa, had virtually studied, in addition to learning the Qur'an by heart at a tender age, almost every book on Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Sciences, Islamic History etc. available in Hausaland. At the age of twenty, he wrote his first book In Praise of the Prophet (saw). He was to write over one hundred and fifteen books on almost every subject or issue that had relevance,importance and meaning in the life of the Islamic community.

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Volume 1

  • The Fundamentals of Religion
  • Students' Guide To Key Religious Issues
  • Healing The Sick
  • The Umma‟s Relief on The Ease of Religion
  • Ruling on The Ignorant People of Hausaland
  • Keeping Muslims on The Rule of School of Interpretative Scholars
  • Reviving The Sunnah (Prophetic Tradiction) and Suppressing The Bidi'ah (Innovation)
  • Guide To Action
  • The Pillars of Worshippers
  • Basis of Islamic Scholars
  • Book of The Knowledge of Conduct
  • Differences Between Followers of Sunnah and Hypocrites

Volume 2

  • The Root Of Sainthood And Its Conditions
  • “Ishriniyya” Praises Of The Prophet
  • Educating People On The Signs Of The Last Hour
  • The Way to Paradise
  • Renaissance Of The Weak
  • Encouraging The Truthful Ones
  • Praises Of The Prophet(In '‟D‟' Rhymes)
  • Warning: From The Signs Of Emergence Of El-Mahdi
  • Choiced Answers Of The Prescribe Questions
  • Explaining Satanic Innovations
  • The Principles Of Justice For Men With Authority And Honour
  • Brothers‟ Light
  • Warning The Brothers
  • A Letter To The People Of Sudan
  • Foundations Stone For Worshippers And The Self-Reliant

Volume 3

  • Enlightening Minds
  • Informing Brothers On The Position Of The People In Sudan Area
  • The Hijrah Obligation
  • Halting The Deniers
  • Enlightening Brothers
  • Guiding The Brothers On The Rules Of Women Going Out
  • The Command To Support And Stand By The Believers
  • Important Issues
  • Awakening The Students That Allah Is Known Through Instinct
  • Glorifying Allah
  • Advice To Contemporaries
  • Life Span Of The World
  • Words Of Advice To The Muslim Community
  • Enough For The Guided
  • Encouraging The Ummah To Follow The Sunnah

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