Selected Writings of Sultan Muhammadu Bello

Sultan Muhammdu Bello, regarded as second Amir-ul-Muminin of Sakkwato Caliphate was born in 1195AH. He was not the first son of Sheikh Uthman bin Fodiyo, but was the most learned. He was born into preaching, scholarship and warfare and he grew-up in all.Muhammad Bello was gifted with intelligence and an excellent memory. He studied under his parents and several scholars of his time. He is a member of the triumvirate and participated in every battle from TabkinKwatto, the decisive battle between Muslims and unbelievers and in almost all the battles in Zamfara.Before assuming office as Sultan, Muhammad Bello served as a diplomat,teacher,commandant of the Army, the Secretary of both the Caliphate and to his father. He was a Mujtahid who was prepared for the office of the Khalifa before assuming the office.

An erudite scholar and prolific writer, Sheikh Muhammadu Bello wrote over one hundred and twenty books on such fields as administration, law, warfare and most importantly politics. He is recognised and appreciated as an authority on the latter. Similarly, in the field of medicine, Sultan Muhammadu Bello wrote over twenty books. He was concerned with common sicknesses within his community (State). He wrote on medical investigation, malaria, pregnancy and delivery, etc. He wrote that, it is a shame for a leader to leave his community in search of medical treatment in another land. In addition to teaching medicine, he built quarters for the blind and rehabilitated and shielded the disabled. There were no beggars roaming the street in his time. Children, adults, and the elderly attended schools.

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Volume 1

  1. Purification Of The Soul
  2. The Midday Sun
  3. Righteousness And Observing The Duties Of Kinship
  4. Sufficient Advice
  5. A Little Light On The History Of Hausa Land

Volume 2

  1. Awakening Men Of Understanding Against Sorcerers And Fortune-Tellers
  2. Eliminating Ambiguities On Imitating The Kafirs, The Oppressors And The Ignorant In Word, Actions And All Situations
  3. Poem Of: O Soul Tell Me
  4. On The Hub Of Epistemes In Sab-El-Mathani
  5. The Peak Of Need In The Prophetic Commentary Of The Holy Qur'an
  6. A Discourse On Family Maintenance
  7. The First Row
  8. Ornament Of Foresight
  9. Principles Of Leadership
  10. Relief For The People: Advice To Amir Ya’qub

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